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Arte da indossare, Arte da usare.

My Travels was created to offer lines of accessories and jewels inspired by  the main monuments of famous cities, such as original elements embedded in the memory of the places visited on your trip or even merely imagined. In the case of memories, these accessories are mixed as fragments of emotions experienced over time or as pieces of one great ideal city.

Over time, its proposals take on an ever higher identity and value, thanks to the technique devised and developed by DanCalaMan (the inlay of colored eco-leathers), coming to offer unique pieces of great artistic value. A MyTravels object cannot be compared to anything else: wearing it means carrying a highly distinctive element and a great message for the market: a product immediately loses its value; an art object has an artistic value and a personal meaning that remain so even after it has exhausted its function of use. At that point he earned a well-deserved rest on the walls or on the bulletin board of home memories.

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Laptop backpack "Archetypes...

Laptop backpack "Archetypes meet Boetti" collection. Equipped with USB port, suitable for notebook, document holder or hand luggage in case of air travel. In this model the author has created 2 unique pieces in different colors.

Price €150.00