About us

My Travels is a registered trademark of De Plano Consulting srl. De Plano has historically been involved in advising small and medium-sized enterprises and in promoting and managing groupings of companies aimed at reorganizing them on specific markets and organizational functions. An example is Maestri di Fabbrica, a small business company created to organize common representative shops in important city centers.

From the experience with the artistic production companies, the idea was born to promote the design and manufacture of My Travels © accessories and art objects, as well as home and personal fragrances under the Maestri di Fabbrica© brand.

The main professional figures are Daniele Calamandrei and Susanna Milani

My Travels brand production is characterized by the originality and uniqueness of the objects made. The character of originality derives both from the decorative technique, essentially based on the inlay of fragments of colored eco-leather, invented and developed by DanCalaMan, and from the unique designs created by the same author. Each piece is unique and of high artistic value, which can be defined as a real piece of art to use.



Borgo degli Albizi, 68R

50122 Florence (Italy)

T. +39 055 2638571