Wall light n. 1 from the collection "Facce posate"


Luminous artistic creation from the collection "Facce posate" made with mixed technique by DanCalaMan.

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Luminous artistic creation from the collection "Facce posate" made with mixed technique by DanCalaMan.

The face shown here is made by processing colored plastic cutlery on a LED light panel in natural tone. Wooden frame. This is the first of a collection with an ambiguous name, as it is based on posed faces (in Italian "Facce in posa" or "posate") made with disposable cutlery (in Italian "posate").

The work has an introspective meaning: the same background, which becomes visible only when the lamp is on, is an inscription in Amharic on the meaning that the author attributes to the face. Meaning also ambivalent: it represents the intimate part of the self that on the one hand we are afraid to show but which, on the other hand, being able to express makes us free to move towards self-realization.

Who are you? 
There is something primitive

and scary about you.
If I didn't know I would ask you:
- Where did you come from?
No. I’m not able to avoid you.
You should make me ashamed

as for a sin
I never confessed

as to a sprout that
I never ripened.
Here it is. I would.
But I'm not able to avoid you.

Who are you?
There is energy, color, strength

and emotion in you.
If I didn't know I would ask you:
- Why are you still helping me?
No. I can't avoid you.
You force me to walk
on a very narrow ridge
between illusion and madness
but at the end of that ridge
there is hope.
Here it is. You scare me.
But I can't avoid you.

The title an

d the author's signature applied on the work, as shown in the photo, are made of soft iron wire.
With this work, the author intervenes on an everyday object, useful, such as a lamp, giving it an artistic imprint that makes it unique and lasting. All this through the use of "disposable" objects. The work therefore also assumes an ecological meaning: what is destined to be waste is immortalized in a context capable of giving the material a value even higher than that of origin.

The dimensions of the work are: 32 cm (W) x 62 cm (H) x 9 cm (D).

Unique work, accompanied by the author's certificate of authenticity.

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mixed technique
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Work made by hand with unusual workings. Shadows, hollows, burns, discontinuities, ripples and spots should not be considered defects. They are evidence of the uniqueness and artistic nature of the work.

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